Service Team

In the public relations industry, agencies compete fiercely to recruit, retain and develop top talents. They are the foundation to exceptional client service that wins business and perennial success. At AccessPR, we deeply value and care about every member of our service team. Every year, we organize a series of training courses, workshops and team-building exercises that foster professional development as well as organizational unity. The courses are comprehensive yet challenging, so they can inspire and stimulate our minds to innovate new ideas. As dedicated PR professionals, we are driven to constantly sharpen our minds and hone our skills to maintain competitive in an ever changing PR industry.

Jason Chen
General Manager

Transitioning to a career in public relations at the age of 30, Jason soon started his own public relations agency at 35. His motto is to live life to the fullest. On the weekends,

Thomas Chou
Senior Account Director

Thomas thinks the PR profession is not as solitary as a software developer, nor does it make him feel compelled to sell things everywhere he goes.

Ten things about our people

Each member of the AccessPR family comes from different backgrounds and disciplines. We not only share but also...